Joselito Ham 2011 Vintage

100% natural, no additives or preservatives

Sin gluten Sin lactosa
  • 1 piece of Joselito ham from the selected vintage
  • 1 Joselito cutting manual
  • 1 Joselito con Estrellas Recipe Book
  • 1 Master Cutter’s Embroidered Apron


Ham and sea salt.


The 2011 Vintage Joselito Ham has been cured naturally for over 9 years.

Conservation Wholepiece

Store the Joselito Ham in a dry place at room temperature (approx. 20 - 25 ºC).

Learn how to cut Joselito Ham and store it in perfect condition. For more information, visit: Cutting Joselito Ham.


For greater enjoyment of the organoleptic properties of the 2011 Vintage Joselito Ham, it should be consumed at room temperature.

Tasting Note

Fine leg ham. Golden to pinkish fat with a soft, creamy consistency. The meat varies in colour from deep red to pale pink, with significant bright fat marbling that melts on the palate. Its flavour is smooth and delicate, slightly sweet at first, with a surprisingly unctuous fat that melts on the palate in a sublime way.