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Gastro Boutique for Iberian Ham

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JOSELITO’S is a unique place where you can experience unforgettable moments with the flavours, textures and smells offered by Joselito’s
All Joselito gourmet possibilities:
Store and haute cuisine, two independent dining rooms
open throughout the day,
highly personalised celebrations, take away
and catering service.
Joselito’s is a commitment to haute cuisine based on the world of Iberian pork.
Joselito’s combines pleasure and knowledge in an elegant bistro with a 360-degree concept based on the world of Iberian pork and select seasonal products. An innovative and experiential gastronomic venture that allows you to enjoy Joselito products in multiple ways in a privileged location in the capital of Madrid.

An old brick coal cellar, transformed into a private room, presided over by a designer table, accompanied by a glass display cabinet that holds the best vintages of Joselito hams and 150 years of experience. The ideal place for the most exclusive events, tastings and ham courses.