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Jamones Joselito
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Boutique gastro del ibérico

Servicio de reparto a domicilio de los platos y productos

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A unique place where to live unforgettable moments with the flavours, textures and scents offered by Joselito
Todas las posibilidades gourmet Joselito: 
tienda y alta gastronomía, dos comedores independientes abiertos ininterrumpidamente, celebraciones muy personalizadas, take away 
y servicio de catering.
Joselito´s es una apuesta por la alta gastronomía en torno al mundo del ibérico.
Joselito’s Velázquez combines pleasure and knowledge in an elegant bistro with a 360 degree concept around the world of Iberian and selected seasonal products. An innovative and experiential gastronomic challenge which allows to enjoy Joselito products in multiple ways in a privileged location of the capital of Madrid.

An old brick façade coal factory, transformed into a private room, represented by a design table and a glazed showcase that holds the best vintages of Joselito hams and 150-year-old baggage. An ideal space to hold the exclusive events, tasting and ham courses.