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Jamones Joselito
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Six generations

SINCE 1868
With more than a century of experience,
Joselito has carefully amassed the secret of 
a long-standing tradition of six generations that
have shared one single goal: to make the Best
Ham in the World. 
SINCE 1868
Joselito is a unique, perfect ham. An unwavering inspiration for all who love good food"
Joselito is a culinary gem, acclaimed by the greatest gastronomic names and the leading food critics worldwide. It is served in the most prestigious restaurants and sold in gourmet food shops in 56 countries. Joselito is more than just a brand, it's a legend
Joselito is extraordinary, it has a depth of flavor that attracts me enormously.
Since the 19th century, dedicating ourselves to the products of the Iberian pig.
In 1868, Vicente Gómez chose this town to start with the family production of ham and the story of Joselito began, always linked to the town, where today, in natural drying rooms and wineries, the best ham in the world is cured.
Recognized by the best
chefs and food critics
    El País Semanal - The 100 characters of the Year
    The patriarch
    of ham
    "When it comes to Joselito, Spain has a lot to be thankful for: for the marvellous taste of pure acorn-fed hams, which have been referred to as the Dom Pérignon of Iberian cured meat. And for having kept alive – despite obstacles and challenges – a one-hundred year business founded by his great-grandfather. Yet Spain must also be grateful to Joselito for the excellence of a product whose international reach and reputation go beyond that of any other product we have. It is a rather near-sighted view to think that luxury products exist for the enjoyment of only a select few. Cured hams like Joselito's are the beacon for an entire sector, that anyone can enjoy.

    Joselito never skimps on any aspect of his products: he does not allow anything that could cheapen the product, render it mediocre, or fool his customers. Of course, his customers would never allow such inferior quality – nor would ever expect it: Joselito is one of the most generous and well-loved people I know. He is, above all else, someone who has blazed a trail around the all world, creating truth and quality in the food industry, a sector that needs authentic players such as Joselito in order to conquer the world's markets".
    Fuera de Expansión
    The iberian ham
    "Its Iberico acorn ham is considered the best in the world and is one of the most recognized and valued gastronomic products that our country exports. The Joselito brand can be found in 90% of restaurants with two and three Michelin stars; and if you stroll through the deluxe gastronomic shops, you will find it there, presiding over the charcuterie. Probably it will not be the most expensive product, but certainly, the king of the counter. The company controls tens of thousands of hectares in the pasturelands of Salamanca, Extremadura and Huelva. The traceability, the genealogy of each animal that eats in its pasturelands, and the exhaustive quality controls of the product, are obsession of the house, which is not allowed to stop being the number 1. All their hams are sold by quota and in premier, that is, they are first paid and picked up years later".