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Six generations

SINCE 1868
With more than 150 years of experience,
Joselito holds the secrets of a tradition
inherited over six generations that have
shared one obsession: to produce the Best
Ham in the World.
DESDE 1868
Ferrán Adria Joselito
Joselito is a unique, perfect ham. A constant inspiration for all of us who love gastronomy.
Joselito is a gastronomic jewel acclaimed by the great geniuses of gastronomy and the world's leading critics. Featured in the most prestigious restaurants and gourmet shops in 56 countries, Joselito is more than a brand — it’s a legend.
Yannick Alléno Joselito
Joselito is extraordinary, its depth of flavour entices me enormously.
Since the 19th century we have dedicated our lives to Iberian pork products.
historia Joselito
In 1868, Vicente Gómez chose the village of Guijuelo (Salamanca) to start the family ham production and here began the history of Joselito, continuously linked to the village, where today, in natural drying sheds and cellars, we cure the best ham in the world.
historia Joselito
Recognised by top chefs and food critics
    El País Semanal - 100 People of the Year
    The patriarch
    of Ham
    “There is a lot to thank Joselito for in this country. Not only the flavour of their hams, pure acorn, according to what I once read: the Dom Pérignon of Iberian hams. Not just for having preserved a company founded by his great-grandfather, which is now over a century old, through thick and thin. What we have to thank Joselito for, as a country, is the excellence of a product whose international stamp pulls all the others out of the woodwork. When people claim that luxury brands are for the enjoyment of the few, they are being short-sighted. Hams such as those from Joselito are the flagship of a whole sector that everyone can enjoy.

    He doesn’t skimp on anything required to achieve the best for his product; he doesn’t allow vulgarity, mediocrity, or cheating. Nor would we allow them as his customers, and in him it’s impossible to see any flaws: he is one of the kindest, most generous people I know. But he is, above all, someone who is opening doors all over the world and imposing the truth and the richness of a food industry that needs authentic flags like his to conquer the world.”
    Out of Expansión
    The emperor of
    Iberian Ham
    “Their acorn-fed Iberian ham is considered the best in the world and is one of the most recognised and valued gastronomic products exported by our country. The Joselito brand can be found in 90% of the restaurants with two and three Michelin stars; and if you stroll through luxury gastronomic shops, you will find it there too, presiding over the charcuterie. It is probably not the most expensive product, but it is certainly the king of the counter. His company controls tens of thousands of hectares in the pastures of Salamanca, Extremadura and Huelva. Traceability, the genealogy of each animal that grazes in its pastures, and the exhaustive quality controls of the product, are obsessions of the house, which does not accept being anything less than number one. All their hams are sold by quota and in premier, i.e. they are first paid for and harvested years later.”