Jamón, a Story of Essence

Discover the documentary co-produced by Joselito.

Joselito is a gastronomic jewel,
elegance and finesse


Joselito, declared the best ham in the world.
More than a brand, a legend
Since 1868
Happy Pig
Vintage hams

Since 1868
Joselito, a centennial legacy

With more than a century of experience, Joselito has carefully amassed the secrets of a long-standing tradition of six generations that have shared one single goal: to make the Best Ham in the World.

Happy Pig

The Joselito pig is a happy animal

It lives in complete freedom in his natural habitat, the pasturelands.

Enjoying +/- 3 hectares.

Each Joselito vintage
is unique and different

Each Joselito ham has an id number with its vintage number, like the great wines of the world, so that our clients can appreciate the cure time results and the nuances that come from each vintage.

100% Natural ·   No preservatives or additives

Another dimension of Ham

Try the Joselito products in all its culinary proposals in our spaces in Madrid.
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