Jamones Joselito

Selection of Fresh Meat Joselito Nude

A selection of the noblest cuts of Joselito Fresh Meat

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A selection of the noblest cuts of Joselito Nude Fresh Meat with a professional cutting board. Packed in an elegant wooden box.


Store the different pieces in a refrigerator until their expiration date. Those that are going to be consumed beyond the expiration date should be kept in the freezer.


For the pieces preserved in the refrigerator: remove the meat from the refrigerator 2 hours before consuming it to warm it up. Take it out of the vacuum pack just before cooking.


To guarantee the freshness of the product and its maximum enjoyment, Joselito Nude Fresh Meat Selection orders will be prepared exclusively on Mondays, so they will be received at home on the Tuesday following the order date. Shipping is done by SEUR Cold within a maximum period of 24 hours.

The Joselito Selection of Noble Cuts of Fresh Meat comes exclusively from pigs fed 100% naturally based on acorn and grass for 2 Montaneras. The Montanera is the period in which the Joselito Pig ingests between 7 and 10 kilos of acorns and 3 kilos of grass daily, which gives its meat and fat unmatched organoleptic and healthy properties.

Joselito only produces products during the Montanera period. For this reason Joselito Fresh Meat is marked by temporality; It is only available in the months of January to March.