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Bittor Arginzoniz, chef of the Basque steakhouse Etxebarri, recently ranked the third best restaurant in the world by “The World's 50 Best” list, and José Gómez, owner of Joselito, the best ham in the world, combine their passion for excellence and perfect product preparation in this volume. Both lead two of the best positioned brands — Joselito and Etxebarri — and are recognised by top chefs and food critics.

Anecdotes, milestones, memories, curiosities, recipes, products and reflections follow one after the other as the common thread of this book, which interweaves a story that intimately links two undisputed titans of product, with spectacular photographs that invite you to enjoy. A delight — on paper — for the senses.

Joselito, known for being considered the best ham in the world, is a brand founded in 1868 in Guijuelo (Salamanca) by Vicente Gómez. Joselito Ham is a gastronomic treasure acclaimed by the gourmet food sector around the world.

Etxebarri is chef Bittor Arginzoniz’s steakhouse. Located in the idyllic natural surroundings of the Atxondo valley in Vizcaya, this steakhouse is renowned for its cuisine and grill, which follows the ancestral technique of using different types of wood, fire, embers and the perfumed trail of smoke.