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Jamones Joselito
Joselito Premium 2020
by Vista Alegre
Joselito Premium 2020

An exclusive selection of 55 Joselito 2010 Vintage Hams and Vista Alegre Centrepieces.

A unique collection that represents a fusion between art and gastronomy, with the Joselito brand at the epicentre of an allegory of brightness and colour, fusing tradition and modernity with sublime elegance.

The 55 Vintage Joselito Hams from 2010 are authentic gastronomic jewels, accompanied on this occasion by the 55 Vista Alegre Centrepieces, produced in porcelain and decorated with a gold edge, which are, without a doubt, authentic works of art.

An exclusive hand-decorated centrepiece with XX carat gold edge.
This handmade porcelain art piece is a limited edition decorated with a gold edge, applied by hand with great skill by our master craftsmen.

The spectacular result shows the long hours of work, after two firing processes and various decorative processes such as spray-painting, gold-edging and stamping. The end result is a unique piece that artistically celebrates the union of the two brands, as well as the heritage and know-how passed down from generation to generation.