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Jamones Joselito
Joselito Premium 2018
by Fernando Bellver
Joselito Premium 2018

A careful selection of 88 2010 Vintage Hams with more than 100 months of curing.

The 2018 Joselito Premium Collection was a unique fusion between Art and Gastronomy. A limited series of 88 sculptures designed by the renowned Spanish artist Fernando Bellver serve as the pedestal for the 88 Vintage Hams 2010, chosen one by one for their exquisite organoleptic qualities, forming a unique and unrepeatable collection.

This exclusive collection is signed by the author and numbered, to guarantee its authenticity. They are only available in the most exclusive establishments in the world.

A bronze sculpture, shaped like a Greek column and patinated with a green marble texture.
In the presentation of the Joselito Premium Collection by Fernando Bellver, the artist himself pointed out that he had designed a Greek column because "everything that is placed on top of a column is art and culture, and Joselito Ham is Spanish art and culture."

With a long career and many awards and recognitions behind him, Fernando Bellver has managed to capture the essence of Joselito and shape it in an exquisite way. Creating a collection that will undoubtedly be the object of desire for many collectors around the world.