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Jamones Joselito
Joselito Premium 2017
Swarovski Edition
Joselito Premium 2017

Gastronomic jewellery with a Swarovski stamp

A unique collaboration between two houses whose origins date back to the 19th century and who share the same mentality. Both transmit their taste for the artisan approach to the product, claim the excellence of their pieces and stand out for their spirit of innovation and passion in what they do.

The soul of the two firms converges in an exclusive, limited edition piece. A case wrapped in Swarovski crystals, which transforms into a jewellery box, and houses a Vintage Joselito Ham from the 2009 vintage, with more than 8 years of natural curing. 

The world of art and
design in partnership with Joselito
Daniel Swarovski founded the company with a clear objective “to create a diamond for everyone”. This same inspiration to work in a traditional way and for years to produce a superb product with unique qualities that can be enjoyed by anyone, is part of Joselito’s DNA.