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Jamones Joselito
Joselito Premium 2012
Pequeño Deseo
Joselito Premium 2012

A collaboration with the foundation Pequeño Deseo

We have begun a very special collaboration, with the Pequeño Deseo Foundation. A gift that makes small wishes come true — we want more than ever for Christmas to be a magical moment, but also a moment of solidarity and closeness. That’s why at Joselito we want to collaborate by making the dreams of children suffering from chronic illnesses or those with a poor prognosis come true in order to offer them emotional support.

As well as containing 55 units of Joselito 2012 Vintage and 2005 Vintage ham, cured for 94 months, this magical Premium Collection presents for the first time the “suitcases” to transport a complete selection of Joselito slices, in a range that surprises and delights with its different shapes and sizes, wrapped in red patent leather full of light and colour.