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Unique and different

Joselito Gran Reserva hams, natural curing for a minimum of 36 months.
Each piece is perfectly refined in a slow ageing process in our dark and silent cellars, where the Joselito Ham remains at a constant temperature, in a 100% natural way, for a minimum of 36 months.
Vintage hams cured for more than 82 months
In some exceptional cases, Joselito ham is elevated to the Vintage category and can be cured for more than 82 months. A unique process in the world, with no shortcuts, no haste, elevating this gastronomic jewel to the category of Sublime.
Individual identification with its specific vintage
Each Joselito Ham has a vintage identification number, like the great wines of the world, so that our customers can assess the result of the curing time and the nuances that emerge from each vintage. Joselito is the first producer to present each ham with reference to its vintage.