Lomo Joselito Slicing

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The ingredients of Joselito Sliced Lomo are: pork loin, sea salt, paprika, garlic and sugar.


The Joselito Sliced Lomo goes through a natural curing process of more than 6 months.


5 vacuum packed trays of Joselito Sliced Pork Loin of 70 g.


The Joselito Sliced Pork Loin should be stored at 4-10 °C.


Remove the Joselito Lomo from the cold storage at least 24 hours before consumption.


To fully enjoy the organoleptic qualities of the Joselito Pork Loin, it is recommended to consume it at room temperature.


With a touch of smoke and paprika, it has a soft texture. It is a red-purple meat with light degree of marbling, which develops an immense and unctuous flavour when tasting, with that characteristic touch of paprika which gives the piece so much personality.

100% Natural ·   No preservatives or additives

The tenderloin is produced with the muscular package formed by the spinal and semispinal muscles of the thorax, as well as the long, lumbar and thoracic muscles of the pig. It should be noted that it is a piece that is practically free of external fat, aponeurosis and tendons.
The meat is salted, marinated and stuffed in gut after the process of curing-aging that takes place in natural dryers, the tenderloin is carefully sliced to facilitate its consumption, fast and ready to take to the table.
NUTRITIONAL VALUE* Average nutritional values (g/100g) of the product
Energy value (Kcal/Kg) 1326  kJ 317  Kcal
Protein (g) 38'8   g.
Carbohydrates 1'2 g. of which : Sugars    1'2  g.
Fat 18 g. of which :
Saturated    5'8  g.
Monounsaturated    10'4  g.
Polyunsaturated    1'8  g.
Dietary fibre 0  g.
Salt 3'5  g.
Due to its traditional artisan preparation and the greater or lesser marbling of the pieces, some of the values described above may vary.
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