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Jamones Joselito
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100% Natural

More than 36 months of curing gives Joselito Ham unique organoleptic qualities.
A mild salting process allows the stabilization of the enzymes and the perfect preservation of the pieces. The hams and shoulders of JOSELITO are characterized by their low salinity, nearly to be considered sweet.
In winter, in natural dryers, the salt migrates slowly through the piece, causing the loss of water.
In spring and summer, "the sweating of the ham" is produced in natural dryers, the fat melts and penetrates into the muscle fibers.
When autumn arrives, the pieces begin to cure in natural underground cellars, with constant temperature and humidity. It is in the cellar where the JOSELITO ham and shoulder refinement takes place. The piece will remain in this place for several years to achieve a perfect organoleptic quality.
Quality Test
At the end of this stage a rigorous selection is made, a "cutting" technique by which the sensory characteristics of each ham and shoulder are checked. The quality test is performed by the Ham Master inserting a fine and small "stick" of bone in several points of the piece. Once this phase is over, the piece is ready and the process is over. You just need to enjoy it