Joselito Platinium Gift Box Swarovski

Joselito Platinium Gift Box Swarovski

100% Natural ·   No preservatives or additives

The jewel of Spanish gastronomy - the ham - is accompanied this time by the most distinguished crystal experts, creating a combination of sparkles that dazzles and leaves no one indifferent.

Both companies have a lot in common, since they were born in the nineteenth century and share a craft product vision and the passion for innovation in what they do

Daniel Swarovski founded his company in 1895 with a clear objective "to create a diamond for the whole world." The same inspiration of working in an artisan way and for years with an exceptional product with unique qualities that anyone can enjoy, is part of Joselito’s DNA.

On this occasion, the collaboration between the two companies places the woman as the protagonist, one of the epicentres of the Swarovski universe. We approach a woman who feels good inside and out and who is increasingly concerned about the nutritional benefits of her food, where the Joselito Ham is a health cocktail backed by prestigious studies such as the Mayo Clinic Houston

As the two companies are accustomed to have distinguished collaborations like those of Swarovski in the world of the cinema and of Joselito with the most reputed chefs in the world, they have combine to make possible the Joselito Platinum Gift Box Swarovski collection that crystallizes the glamor and elegance in a very special limited edition box.bsp;

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