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A complete travel collection in which the spectacular "Joselito Vintage Trunk", made of the finest quality materials and with Joselito's unmistakable stamp...

This year's Joselito Premium collection pays homage to Japan under the gaze of one of its most important artistic figures: Etsuro Sotoo. A limited and numbered edition of 55 exclusive personalized coffers that protect in its interior an unsurpassed gastronomic gem as the Joselito Ham Vintage 2006, with 9 years of curing.

A Collection that is part of the celebrations of the Spain-Japan Dual Year, which commemorates 400 years of relations of exchange between both countries.

Etsuro Sotoo, the current chief sculptor of the Sagrada Familia, has been chosen by Joselito as a symbol of the fascination and mutual admiration between both countries, expressed through art and woven for more than four centuries.

Urushi” ancestral
manufacturing technique

Sotoo has reproduced for Joselito an spectacular chest, individually made by hand in Japan, using the ancestral technique "urushi": an ancient method of Japanese engraving and printing on lacquered wood. A team of skilled Japanese craftsmen have worked for weeks on each piece following old lacquering techniques with several centuries of tradition.
Samurai Date Masamune commemorates the journey to Europe that made the Japanese expedition called Keicho Embassy. A journey that took place four centuries ago during a major economic and social crisis that affected Japan, due to the tsunami that also affected the region of Tohoku at that time. The journey of the Japanese expedition had as one of the objectives to establish commercial relations with Spain, to recover its economy.

The samurai is a universal symbol that denotes leadership and strength, values that we share in Joselito and that Etsuro Sotoo also wanted to convey through this noble figure.

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