Joselito & Dom Pérignon


Joselito & Dom Pérignon 2007 Collection

Joining Dom Pérignon and Joselito is the perfect fusion, a timeless encounter thought only to create a gastronomic poetry for the palate. The thin slices of the most exquisite ham in the mouth are transformed into a melting film, which gives rise to a diversity of aromas. Then, a fresh and intense glass of the best champagne gives way to harmonious chords that create a sublime moment. Passion and elegance. Emotion and perfection.

A surprising and innovative fusion, a sensual union without comparison, majestic, light, harmonious, delicate... An encounter that perhaps was predestined.

A symbol

Rousselot, one of the world's master Calligraphers, has interpreted the fusion between Dom Pérignon and Joselito in an exquisite symbol that reflects the alliance between two infinite pleasures. An allegory that represents the encounter of nature through the knowledge of man and that is in a source created to serve the Joselito Ham with Dom Pérignon

There are only 555 cases like this, and this is a casual figure. 5 is the number of creative energy, intelligence in the creative process and transformation of nature into something flawless.

A metaphor for the evolution of champagne and ham, from its beginnings as a rare raw material until reaching an exceptional category.

This limited production package includes 2 glasses designed by the winemakers of Dom Pérignon and the artisans of glassware JG Durand. Its wider circumference allows the wine to generously release its aromatic and gustatory richness, offering the possibility of a more complex tasting.

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